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In the past couple of years, thanks to my involvement with on-line writers’ forums including the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition and Authonomy, I have been fortunate to acquire writing buddies all over the world. While most of them know pretty much where Canada is, their knowledge of specific cities and provinces can be kind of fuzzy. So I made a map with Saskatoon and Toronto on it. I also added Edmonton to it so you could see where I will be flying from on November 15. (Edmonton is where I lived for many many years and where my elderly aunt, who I visit regularly, is in continuing care.) I also put Vancouver on the map, because that’s where the winter Olympics will be next February! (Okay. Idiomatically speaking, it was not I who “put Vancouver on the map.” It did that for itself.)

If you click on the image, you will go to the original where you can zoom in and stuff.

If you click on the image, you will go to the original where you can zoom in and stuff.

FYI: It is 2700 km or 1684 miles from Edmonton to Toronto. From Saskatoon to Toronto, it is 2227 km, or 1384 miles.

The response to this blog has already been so positive and supportive — I have such great friends! Thank you! In addition to a great deal of cheering and moral support, one person in Toronto went to all the trouble to go downstairs and talk to a neighbour about whether her apartment might be available to me while she is snowbirding this winter (thanks, Gordon!) and another has offered me a “granny suite” to stay in while I am looking for a place to live (thank you Pat!).  So I am grateful and overwhelmed.

What else I have done toward getting moved so far? I have stopped replacing things like Mrs. Dash when I run out of them because I don’t want to have to pack and store any more than I need to. I am not freezing too much fruit this year, or buying any more cans than I can use up in the immediate future.

One response to “The geographics

  1. Laureen Marchand

    Great blog, Mary. I’m thoroughly enjoying your thoughts about moving, maybe even more so since I’m doing something similar. But I’m leaving small for teeny-tiny, as in one week I head to the village of Val Marie, SK, on the edge of the Grasslands National Park, to take up my new life as a full time artist. Diiferent geography, same goal. Good luck with everything in your version – I’ll keep watch!


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