Equipment Checklist for Home-Moving Persons

Post #11

Days to Departure from Saskatoon: 3

Days to Departure from Western Canada: 21

7 p.m. Friday Oct. 23

7 p.m. Friday Oct. 23

There are certain objects that a Moving Person needs to attach to herself somehow when she is packing; otherwise these objects disappear completely and she spends half her time looking for them, rather than packing.

I have put these objects (well, except the vacuum cleaner) in a plastic pail so that I can carry them around with me, or at least locate them when I need them.

The next trick will be to train myself to put the objects back into the pail after I have used them. 😦

Friday night

Friday night

  • packing tape
  • marking pen
  • stickers for labeling boxes
  • scissors
  • box cutter
  • polly filla
  • scrubber and/or abrasive cleaner for marks on walls
  • pliers
  • a container for extracted, re-usable screws and nails
  • vacuum cleaner

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