East is East and West is West

Post #20

Note to self: Next time someone gives you an address in Toronto, ask that person whether there is an East or a West involved. Do not simply look the address up on Google Maps and assume that Google Maps has given you the correct and only answer. Many addresses in Toronto do not have an East or a West attached to them. But those on major streets that fall on one side or the other of Yonge St., for example (like Bloor and Sheppard) do.

If you take this simple step of finding out exactly where you are going before you go there, you will never again find you’ve headed off in the wrong direction from the subway stop, and that you are therefore arriving one-half-hour late for—let us say—an ophthalmology appointment with your hair as damp and bedraggled as your spirits because you’ve walked 15 blocks farther than you needed to through a downfall of wet snow.

Just a suggestion. An auto-suggestion, as it were.

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