What to read on a 15-hour plane ride?

So my trip to India involves a bunch of looong plane rides, and I’m looking for titles of books that are going to totally distract me for a few hours. It has to be a “good” book — not just a quick read. I need to get involved in it, hooked by it, transported by it. What do you suggest?

I’ll post some of the responses and my decisions here. I have read in the Rough Guide that there are some neat bookstores in places I’m going like Pushkar! Imagine buying a book in Pushkar! (Of course, if you live there, it wouldn’t seem so exotic, but to me it does.) I think I will leave whatever books I take there, with someone who wants them, and get more in India for the return trip.

Five days to liftoff!! I read this article today and I was reminded that it’s not all pink cities and taj mahals: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2011/oct/27/india-grand-prix-formula-one?INTCMP=SRCH but my anticipation is undiminished.

2 responses to “What to read on a 15-hour plane ride?

  1. I’m reading What is the What by Dave Eggers right now. It was recommended to me by our daughter Anne and I always have a hard time putting it down.
    I’d also recommend the Mary Magdalene trilogy by Elizabeth Cunningham but they are big fat hardbacks. Hope you find some good books because for me that is the only way to survive those looong plane rides.
    Bon voyage, toots – I’m getting excited about your trip too!! Thanks for sharing so much about it. Love ya.

  2. Rohinton Mistry’s “A Fine Balance”

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