Welcome to my newest on-line home

I’m leaving FaceBook until I get some work done on my novels, and I don’t hang out in any other social media too much these days. So I thought I would start this blog so people who wonder how I’m doing can find out. I’m just going to put the day-to-day stuff in here that I used to put on FaceBook — my thoughts and my activities. And in order to make sure this is just as boring as FaceBook, I’ll start by telling you this: Today I made white beans with pesto sauce. But I didn’t eat any of them for dinner. I ate something else instead. I might eat the beans tomorrow.

Also, The Whole Clove Diet is being considered by a publisher, which is why I have abandoned that blog for now. I will keep you posted on any progress and I will put TWCD blog up again once the publisher has made a decision. (I had a really nice rejection from Coach House Press this week, which helped to boost my ego. Seriously. A nice positive rejection from one of Canada’s finest literary presses is a very good thing to get.)

Okay. So if you are gripped by interest in my witty repartee so far, you can subscribe to this blog by clicking the button on the right.

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